What Not To Do When Creating Logo For Your Basketball Team

by Peter York | October 1, 2017 9:19 am

Being a sports coordinator at school or college level is a huge responsibility, and you cannot afford to overlook it at any cost. In case you find yourself in a similar position and want to leave a lasting impact on your team members as well as the administration, then take innovative steps and focus on the branding of your basketball team. Start with providing unique sportswear to your team member’s attractive team logos. The process might take some time as it’s not easy to think about basketball team logos ideas[1] instantly. So, instead of leaving everything to be done at the last moment, begin your preparations when you have sufficient time. While doing so, pay attention to these mistakes that can ruin the results and try to avoid them without any further delay-

Too Many Fonts In Your Logo

No matter how tempted you’re to put your team name and the tagline in the logo, remember that designing a basketball team logo is completely different from a food product logo. Here you have to keep the text part as minimum as possible to make the logo look attractive. In case you had too many fonts in your previous team logos, then remove them as soon as possible and go ahead with one that has more graphics than text.

Don’t Try To Be Too Fancy

Even if you want it to look different, don’t go with fancy logo designs. As the old saying goes — too much of anything hurts a lot. There is no need to go out of your league and try inappropriate forms and shapes for your basketball team logo. Doing this may not only affect the overall design but also create an unwanted perception about your team among people, which isn’t good at all.

A Big No To Plagiarism

Just because you like an international team, you cannot copy-paste its logo design on your basketball team jersey and call it a unique idea. That’s not how you can forge ahead and build a good reputation for yourself in the market. The road to success can only be traveled with the help of hard work and determination. So, always work on original ideas and not the ones that are copied from others.

These are some of the common mistakes that many logo designing companies and individuals make while creating basketball team logos. Avoid them every time you’re working on a new project and get desired outcomes without facing any issue.  

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